Mounting Hardware

Our round White/Red LED module is designed to fit most standard brass berth lights. This all brass mounting hardware set is what you need. Product details below

1.10 oz.
1.50in. × 0.75in. × 0.75in.

Standard 1/8-IP light fixture hardware is available locally, but it is usually available only in steel, which rusts quickly in marine environments. This mounting kit contains one 1.25 inch lamp nipple, one 0.77 inch lamp hickey, and two nuts, all brass. The hardware allows you to directly mount our round White/Red LED module in into most standard brass berth lights, all with normal hand tools. No machining or modifications are necessary. Check these instructions for details.

Mounted LED module

Specifications (typical)

Thread Size:
Hickey - 1/8-IP female both ends
Nipple - 1/8-IP male