Here at Wetherbees, Inc. we do a lot of microcontroller development work. The darned little things have become so inexpensive and flexible that they are the Swiss Army knives of the electronics world. Where it used to take a whole board full of logic chips, we now stick in one chip and call it good. Even a lot of the analog work now gets done with a microcontroller or DSP. Add to that interface support for USB, I2C, CAN, Ethernet, and several RF protocols, and it's easy to see why microcontrollers are hidden inside of nearly every product these days.

We are especially found of the Microchip family of microcontrollers, although we don't limit ourselves to them. Take a look at our Epump pocket-sized programmable controller for good example of what we can do with an 8-bit Microchip microcontroller. Contact us with your needs and let us see what we can do for you.