White/Red LED Lighting Module

This one is bright! Three times as bright as our standard single white LED, this premium module will make you think you are running a power hungry 120V lamp, not thrifty low voltage lighting. Designed explicitly for classic berth lights, this 12V LED module features three high brightness warm white LEDs for reading and general illumination, and one deep red LED for night vision lighting. Compatible with our PWM LED dimmer for full range dimming. Thermally protected. Product details below

2.00 oz.
1.80in. × 1.80in. × 1.23in.

The warm white of this LED lighting module produces the same cozy feel of traditional incandescent lighting, while the deep red LED is perfect for night use when you need to protect night vision. Designed explicitly for traditional berth lights, this module replaces the halogen bulb holder on most brass berth light fixtures when used with available mounting hardware (see these instructions for details).  Low frequency switching and filters ensure low EMI to prevent interference with radios and electronic navigation. Full range dimmable with PWM input, compatible with our LED dimmer. Automatic thermal protection reduces light output as necessary to prevent overheating. Active current regulation maintains the same brightness through the entire voltage range. We recommend pairing with our LED dimmer as full brightness is seldom needed for general illumination. Dimming greatly reduces power consumption.

Specifications (typical)

Current Draw at full brightness:
0.46A @ 13.8V
0.50A @ 12.0V

Voltage Range (DC):
10V minimum
18V maximum

Color Temperature:
3000K 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse (warm white)

655nm (deep red)

166lm/LED * 3 LEDs =  498lm (white)

Lumileds LX18-P130-3 datasheet
Lumileds LXM3-PD01 datasheet

White/Red switching:
Blue wire grounded: Red
Blue wire at 12V: White

8" unterminated

M10 threaded center hole for lamp nipple pipe. The M10 thread provides a jam fit with standard 1/8-IP lamp nipples, which are the type found on most traditional berth lights. Mounting instructions can be found here. Mounting hardware is available here.