A family of technology companies

Wetherbees, Inc. is the parent company of a family of technology companies, united by a strong tradition of excellent design and engineering. We provide engineering, design, and other services for electronics, computer networking, software and firmware, and small boat design and construction. We also produce a range of specialized products targeting these markets. Feel free to contact us with your needs.


At Wetherbees we do a wide variety of custom electronics design and prototype work, including PCB layout, prototype fabrication, and product packaging. We are especially good with those in-between applications that can't decide if they are analog, digital, or some combination, particularly when you throw a microcontroller into the mix.


Software and firmware development is a big part of our work. Whether it is low level device drivers or graphical user interfaces, we have programmers that can do the job. Microchip microcontrollers are one of our favorite firmware platforms, while on the software side we are big fans of Python and C. Linux development is one of our particular areas of expertise.


Wetherbees, Inc. designs custom products for clients, but we also manufacture a number of our own specialty items. Check out our new line of marine 12V reading and cabin lights, now available directly from our online store: Low voltage lighting

Wetherbee Boats

Wetherbee Boats provides design and engineering services related to yachts and small boat design. While most of our work is done for clients, we also manufacture a limited number of custom boats. Feel free to contact our naval architect with your questions relating to small boat design and construction.